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Window Well Installation


Basements were not traditionally built with windows, however can provide additional light to your space, and can act as an alternate means of exiting the building in emergency situations.

If a window is installed, but a window well is not installed, the window may be prone to the effect of Mother Nature. Snow, rain, drainage and day-to-day use of your windows can lead to moisture and structural damage. Also, dirt backed up against the window can attract ants and a variety of insects into the home.

To fully protect your windows and ultimately your basement window wells are a practical solution.


What is the process for installation of a window well?

The process of installing a window well will be based on whether drainage is involved, and if that drainage is inside or outside of the home.

window well diagramA hole is dug along the basement wall and to the bottom of the foundation. A drain pipe is installed so that water is drained away from the well. Gravel is added below the window so that water is directed towards the drain pipe and can successfully drain away.


Interior drains:

Rather than connecting the drain to a perimeter drain or weeping tile, the drainage is connected to the inside of the home. A hole is drilled through the home’s foundation wall and below the window. A pipe is put into the hole and along the interior wall so it connects to a sump pump. Water will then be collected and drained away from the basement.


Installing the Window Well:

Excavation is done with a slope created away from the foundation to ensure that water drains away from the window.

A gravel base is added. The window well is installed securing to the foundation and the area backfilled.

Window well woodenThe cost of a window well will be based on whether interior and / or exterior drainage is installed, the size and number of wells to be installed, as well as the existing condition of the windows.

Window wells can be constructed with metal, wood, or concrete materials. The style and material type can impact the pricing.

When installed correctly, a window well can add a lot of light to an otherwise dark basement while also working to protect the basement from damp and debris.

Questions about adding window wells to your home? We are happy to provide a free consultation to determine the best options available for you.
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