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A properly installed basement window can change a dark and gloomy space into a much brighter, more enjoyable space. The basement window can also act as an emergency exit if necessary. Also, enlarging an existing, older window may also provide an insulation upgrade, reducing heat loss during winter months.

A professional can help in consulting on size, location and functionality to ensure that your window installation maximizes light in a safe way while protecting your structure and ensuring water entry is prevented. When done properly, a window installation will last a lifetime, free of water or structural issues.

Whether you are expanding an existing window or installing a new window, some of the considerations below will help your project planning.


Egress Window:

An egress window is a window that is designed to allow a person to exit the building in case of emergency. If you are looking to add a residential space to the basement, this may be a consideration. An egress window installation will be large enough to fit a body through it and potentially have a dug out space and climbing apparatus for safe exit.

Window Direction:

The location of your window may determine the degree of light that enters your space. For instance, windows facing the east provide light in the morning, while a west facing window will provide light towards the end of the day. Also, air flow may be a consideration. If a goal is to provide air to the space, then obstructions outside the window may need to be considered.


It is important to check if the grade runs toward the wall you are planning on installing a window on. Water drainage will need to be addressed with a window well or other option to ensure the home is protected from water entry.


If water, gas or hydro need to be moved in order to accommodate your new window, costs can increase.

Load Bearing Walls:

If the wall is load bearing, then costs will increase based on the need for additional structural support. A load bearing wall will run perpendicular to the floor joists.


Obstructions such as buildings or trees may also impact the degree of light that enters the space. Trees may hinder light in the summer, but may allow for more light when the leaves of the trees fall.

Questions about adding or expanding a window to your basement?

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