What is stone rubble foundation repair?

Similar to Engineered Foundation Repair, Stone Rubble Foundation Repair is a process on its own due to the fact your are dealing with a heritage or century home, which was built using different methods and materials.  Using methods used for Engineered Foundation Repair would be incorrect as stone rubble foundations move much more freely than newer foundations.  Therefore different techniques must be used to ensure that water is is moved away from the foundation, protecting the footings from getting washed away.


In this foundation repair job, the walls were cleaned with pressurized hot water, all loose mortar was removed and parged over with lime mortar, which allows for movement (which older homes have).
A 1-to-1 slope was created due to stone rubble not having a traditional footing, which brings water away from the base of the wall.
A weeping system was then installed, along with a water proofing membrane and Delta MS.  The site was then backfilled.

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