What is waterproofing?

Finished Basement WaterproofingWaterproofing is needed anytime structure is located below grade.
Exterior waterproofing prevents water from entering the foundation walls where the basement is from the outside by hydrostatic pressure or cracks in the foundation, and is the only adequate method to prevent water penetration.  This may be augmented by new or enhanced weeping systems and sump pumps to move water away from the foundation walls.
Interior waterproofing is often done to address minor basement dampness due to condensation. Interior basement waterproofing is usually addressed by the use of coatings or coverings.  In extreme cases where the exterior basement walls cannot be accessed, internal drainage and weeping systems can be installed.
We perform what is referred to as a fully closed interior waterproofing system. In this system everything is fully caulked and sealed, which not all contractors perform. This process emits zero moisture and gives zero opportunity for mould to permeate your space.
A weeping tile, is a porous pipe used for underground water collection or discharge. This pipe is installed around the base of the wall and funnels any groundwater to a a sump pump. We only install top of the line cast iron pumps. The water is then ejected outside the property.
Static pressure creates pressure and cracks, so we create perforated pits, which greatly diminishes any risk of floor cracks in the future.


In this interior basement waterproofing job an interior water control system was installed, where digging on the outside was prohibitive due to the presence of an expensive concrete patio.  The system installed was identical to the exterior system except a sump pit with pump, and interior weeping tile system was installed by breaking out a foot of concrete around the basement perimeter, filled with clear stone, and concrete repoured.



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