When a foundation failure is extreme a full or partial rebuild of walls and footings may be the only solution.

Caused by foundation settlement, building on expansive clay, improperly compacted fill, plumbing leaks, transpiration caused by tree roots, or soil shrinkage due to severe and extremes in weather conditions, and inferior construction are just a few. Some visible symptoms that you may see due to foundation failure include cracks, bowing or leaning in exterior brick or interior finished walls, cracks in mortar, sloping floors (basement or garage for example), gaps or alignment issues in windows and doors or water leaks.

Quick action by you to address the issues will ensure that the problems don’t worsen. Replacing a wall is a last resort, if the issues are addressed quickly different techniques will be used to straighten and re-enforce the wall. The longer you wait the worst it can get. Not only can the costs increase exponentially, inaction can lead to an unsafe structure.

The foundation will be fully assessed by a 3rd party independent structural engineer. A report and plans will be produced and reviewed with the home owner, ensuring that only the required work is completed. In the end the solution will be implemented, putting you back on a stable foundation.


This residential foundation failed due to heavy clay conditions and water accumulating due to a clogged weeping tile system. The house had to be supported, the wall was removed and rebuilt. The weeping tile system was replaced in the work area and a high pressure flush cleaned out the rest of the system to ensure proper drainage. The wall was then waterproofed and backfilled.


Similar to the foundation repair project above, this residential home had to have its walls replaced. A previous contractor installed an incorrect fix, which actually exasperated the issue, pushing the wall inwards (picture 1). The wall was removed in sections (due to structural inhabitance), replaced, weeping tile system was replaced, the wall was then waterproofed and backfilled.


In this commercial foundation job, the concrete blocks have become ‘rotted’. There was no water diversion in place at all, thus continuous water contact, freeze and thaw cycles eventually caused the concrete blocks to crumble. The structure had to be supported, the old wall removed, a new wall formed and poured with frost-free concrete, then backfilled.

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