Foundation Crack Repair A1

Compared to other foundation repair contractors, our foundation repair methods provide building owners and managers with cost-effective solutions on how to repair cracks in concrete walls. We provide repair solutions that repair the root cause of the issues, such as footer repair, sinking foundations, soil settlement, voids underneath the slabs and foundation settlement, prior to dealing with the crack itself when necessary. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to fix all root causes of a settling, sinking, or cracking foundation, including inadequate support soils, wet or marshy environments, slopes, etc.

Our solutions are adaptable to the foundation issue. This ensures that we repair the foundation with the most effective repair solution and with the most cost-effective approach. We ensure your foundation is fixed and the costs are managed to be budget-conscious.

Case Study: Exterior Crack Repair


This job involved a repair of the exterior wall crack, followed by installation of a waterproof membrane and weeping tile for appropriate drainage.


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