Concrete porches are the entryway to our homes, and one of the first things visible to your guests. A crumbing and cracked porch not only is unsightly, it can be a source of water penetration and also a hazard to yourself, your family and guests.  A new concrete porch can update the curb appeal of your home and when built with quality material and superior craftsmanship will outlast most other structures.

Case Study: New Concrete Porch Construction

This job initially was for underpinning, which was a repair for a non-permitted benching that was failing.  The underpinning location required the original porch to be removed, and a new porch installed, featuring non-frost susceptible concrete, new footings and foundation.
Interested in speaking with someone regarding installing or replacing a concrete porch for your home? We can provide a free consultation and provide recommendations on the best approach to your concrete porch vision.

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