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Drainage - Window Wells

Everything You Need To Know About Window Wells

Window Wells People tend to overlook window well installation done by non-professionals or even try to install them themselves. This is a mistake because a poorly installed window well won’t stop water from leaking into your home. You probably have window wells if you have windows at or below ground level in your basement. They […]

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Foundation Repair - Warning Signs. House foundation repair. Foundation Repair. Broken Foundation House Brick Wall.

Foundation Issues During Summer

Foundation issues can be a big concern for homeowners nationwide in summer, as most have invested substantial amounts in their homes. A compromised foundation can lead to all kinds of problems. Needless to say, a severe issue can make your home dangerous to inhabit. Any foundation issue, no matter how minor it may seem, needs […]

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Melting Snow and Foundation Damage

Melting Snow and House Foundation Damage

Spring weather has arrived! With that, the sun is shining, flowers will bloom, and of course, the snow will melt. Of these things, the third is not entirely positive. If you’re unprepared, melting snow can inflict serious damage to your home’s foundation, bringing water into the house, as well as possible mould and cracks to […]

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How winter affects your basement foundation

How Winter Affects Your Basement Foundation

Winter can be a very dangerous time for your basement foundation. Dry, cold, and wet weather can all cause damage to it, especially the combination of cold and wet weather. Don’t let your basement foundation become a disaster. A reliable foundation professional can help you remediate damage and prevent the risk of further damage in […]

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Rain water flowing from a metal downspout during a heavy rain. concept of protection against heavy rains

How Rain Can Affect Your Foundation

How Rain Affects Your Foundation While many of us dislike the rain, some people dislike it more than others because it can damage their home’s foundation. If your drainage does not work effectively, your foundation can start to suffer. However, it’s not just your drainage that you need to keep an eye on, there are […]

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Tree Roots and Foundation issues

Tree Roots and Foundation Issues

Most trees that grow quite close to buildings do not cause any foundation issues. However, some trees can cause structural damage due to the sheer size and strength of their roots. When you understand how tree routes cause foundation issues you will know when to take action and what action to take. A tree’s roots […]

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House Foundation Maintenance Autumn

Autumn Foundation Maintenance

As Autumn is about to reach us here in Southern Ontario, as a homeowner you’ll need to be prepared. The season will bring a lot of change with it which means you’ll need to make sure your home is as prepared as you are. Ideally, you should take a look at different aspects of your […]

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Interior Waterproofing

Everything you need to know about Interior Waterproofing

Everything you Need to Know about Interior Waterproofing   Waterproofing your basement is absolutely vital, as even just s small water leak could cause a lot of issues. When moisture builds up it has the potential to damage your basement, anything you store in your basement and your home’s structure. what’s more is if your […]

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Cracked basement foundation walls

Basement Foundation Cracks and Crack Injection

When you have leaks in your foundation in your Ontario home, and perhaps your budget does not allow for a complete foundation repair, a possible alternative may be repair through crack injection. Homeowners are often concerned about concrete cracking that may have been caused by thermal contraction, shrinkage, applied pressures, or settlement. Any type of […]

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What You Need To Know About Basement Leak Repair In Ontario [7 Steps]

When you experience a basement leak in your Southern Ontario home it case cause a lot of long-term problems especially if the damage is not managed properly. Water in your basement will not only prevent you from using the room properly it could also lead to serious mold and infrastructure problems. Learn more about basement […]

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