Supporting wall during foundation rebuild
Basement lowering is sometimes the only option when trying to finish a basement.
Techniques used include underpinning or bench footings.

What is underpinning?

It is the process of strengthening, stabilizing and re-fortifying the base of a wall when the original structure is not strong or stable enough.  Visual indicators of such a structural issue where the underpinning could be the culprit includes cracks in walls, foundations and shifting or moving walls.

What are some causes of failure?

Causes of failure are many, but may include a usage change in the original structure, the original physical soil base has deteriorated, other proximity excavation or simply age.

What are bench footings?

Bench footings are a second option, which are more intrusive but used when conditions (such as soil substrate) requires such a method.  The decision is generally based on an engineers design and will be considered independently of the home owner or Foundations First input.

This job pictured below was for a basement lowering and a new walkout.  This included full structural support, wall removal, benching and internal water control.

In this basement lowering, new footings, walls, and underpinning were required.  A sump pit and draining system was installed. The ceiling was re-supported and a new floor was poured.

Questions about basement lowering for your residence? We are happy to provide a free consultation to determine the best options available for your home.

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