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It's our name, it's what we do, it's all we do. Foundation repair for your home. 

The foundation structure is your home's base platform from which everything is built off. Over time, changes in the soil's moisture, weakened clay, concrete issues and poor compaction of soils are some of the causes that damage a home foundation. If your home's platform is damaged, it can allow water entry into the home as well as cause damage to the rest of the home. Identifying and repairing the foundation quickly can prevent painful and more costly repairs in future.

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Foundation Repair Solutions

Crumbing and cracked foundation walls?  Sagging or bulging floors?  Drainage issues around the exterior of your home and in your window wells?  Moldy walls or a musty smelling basement?  These are serious foundations issues - and we have the solutions.

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Who We Are

When you have foundation issues, you need expert solutions delivered by experts in what they do. John and David are experts, with 20+ years of knowledge and experience in building solid foundations. Trust them to put you back on solid footings.

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We service Hamilton, Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, Woodstock, Waterloo Brantford, Paris, Haldimand, Peel, Halton regions and more. If you have foundation issues contact us to book an appointment for a free, no-obligation inspection and quote. Check our service areas by clicking the button below.

We fix foundations and basments

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Foundation repair in Hamilton, Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchner, Waterloo Brantifor, Paris, Peel, Halton Regions and more.

Foundations First is the leader in basement and crawl space solutions for residents and commercial businesses throughout Southern Ontario.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing
We fix foundation cracks, leaks, sagging, and bowing, fast and affordably. We have vast experience in repairing a wide range of foundation problems and the use of tried and true technology.

Addressing problems before they become much bigger will save you thousands of dollars and plenty of frustration – and keep you safe in your home. If you think you may have issues with your foundation or crawl space, do not hesitate to have it inspected by a professional.

The good news is that the majority of foundations we inspect only need cosmetic crack treatment that is low cost and will alleviate basement leaking and additional cracking fast.

We look forward to serving you today. Contact Foundations First at 905-638-5984 for a free home or commercial business estimate and reliable foundation and crawl space repair services and solutions.

Foundation and masonry contractor services

We know that having to deal with a foundation issue can be very stressful.

For homeowners, it can mean taking you away from work, your family, and your daily routine.

For businesses, it translates to time and revenue loss. In any instance, the situation can be very frustrating.

Foundations First is dedicated to fast, effective, and dependable foundation restoration services. We will do our very best to serve you as quickly as possible at price that fits your budget so that you can get on with your day as usual.

We deliver the following foundation services to residential homes and commercial business, throughout parts of Southern Ontario, including all areas of the Hamilton, Peel, Halton, Haldimand, Brantford, Paris, Binbrook, Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo areas.

Group 101

Cracked Foundation Repair

We repair cracks in your basement caused by settling and bowing. Most cracks can be fixed without tearing down the entire foundation and starting from new. The quicker cracks are repaired, the less likely they will become bigger problems for your home.

Group 102

Basement Stabilization

We stabilize bowing basement walls and keep your foundation structure safe. We do this by installing bracing to your foundation that will withstand shifts in soil and pressure from growing tree roots. We employ stabilizing options to address your bowing problem.

Group 103

Basement Waterproofing

There are many factors that can lead to wet basements. They can include foundation cracks to poor yard drainage, We diagnose the problem, find the cause, and take the correct measures to keep your basement dry and free from odour and mould. Taking preventative measures today can save you money and future headaches.

Group 104

Crawl Space Repair

A problematic crawl space can be a major hazard for any home. We repair sagging crawl spaces with support jacks, install dehumidifiers to prevent mould and wood rot, and encapsulate and insulate crawl areas to keep them free of debris, rodents, critters, and other small animals.

Group 105

Frost Adhesion

Frost adhesion is when frost (via the dirt) sticks to the concrete foundation and expands, severing the foundation horizontally below grade (grass level). We install a non-frost susceptible material and depending on severity of the heaving, helical piers are used to re-support lifted footings and stop further movement.

Group 106

Sump Pump Installation, Maintenance, & Repair

A perfectly functioning sump pump can keep your basement dry and potentially save you thousands in damages. We install, maintain, and repair sump pumps for homes and businesses at an affordable cost to you.

Group 107

Commercial Foundations

Whether it be a commercial business, restaurant, municipal or government building, we provide many foundation installation and repair services. We specialize is providing proper foundation support for new construction.

Group 108

Foundation inspections

We deliver thorough on-site assessments to get to the root of the problem and determine the right solutions. This allows us to make long-lasting repairs, prevent future problems, and offer solutions that are proven and less expensive.

Group 109

Masonry Services

In addition to foundations, we provide additional residential and commercial masonry services. Our expert masons deliver restoration, repair, and installation of concrete walls, walkouts, and concrete porches.


How to tell if your foundation or brick work is damaged

Think you may have a cracked or bowing foundation or crawl space? Sometimes identifying foundation problems are impossible with the naked eye.

If you don’t see obvious cracking or bowing, the following are signs of foundation issues that require assistance from licensed and insured contractors:

• Cracks in drywall
• Doors that stick
• Uneven floors
• Plumbing leaks
• Popped nails
• Windows out of square
• Gaps at tops and bottoms of wall

• Cracks in bricks and masonry
• Gapping around chimney
• Tipping chimney
• Displaced moldings
• Misaligned doors and windows
• Cracks in floors

When it comes to foundation repair companies in the Hamilton area, we know that you have many reputable companies to choose from. A lot of them even have decent reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook and more.

But they don’t provide the same value, expertise and customer service that Foundations First has delivered to its residential and commercial business customers for years.

Why pick us to repair your foundation? Consider the following five reasons.


1. Cost

We may or not be the cheapest option for foundation and basement repair in our region, but we provide the most for your dollar. We offer upfront on-site assessments and quotes that are accurate and free and require no obligation from you. Considerate of your budget, we also offer many financing options and warranties to help you finance your unexpected home or business emergency.

2. Top technology

We stay up to date with the newest foundation repair technologies and methods so that we can continue to provide the best services to you, the customer. That way, we are able to offer the most reliable solutions at prices that suit your individual budget.

3. One-on-one approach

Being in the foundation repair business for so many years, we know that one remedy doesn’t fix all problems. That’s why evaluate the problem, analyze every piece of the puzzle, and build a custom design solution for your damage foundation.

4. Dependability

When you call on us for any job, you become our top priority. We never fool around on the clock. We never leave your project for another one. And we never leave until your completely satisfied with our work.

5. Friendly and professional

You’ll love our licensed and insure technicians. You might even invite them over for dinner sometime. Our expert employees dress the part, treat you with respect, and are happy to help you out. We look forward to greeting with a smile and kind words.


Call us today for free foundation assessment

Depend on our certified structural technicians at Foundations First. Remember, do not wait to call if you believe you may have structural damage to your home or business.

We are licensed and insured to deliver the following residential and commercial foundation services:

• Crack repair
• Leak repair
• Basement waterproofing
• Sump pump repair and installation
• Commercial foundation repair
• Window well installation
• Sagging, heaving, and uneven floor repair and stabilization

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